EZCORP, Inc. Privacy Policy

At EZCORP, we recognize the importance of respecting your privacy and maintaining your trust. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is provided to help you understand what information we collect, use, and share. It is also provided to inform you of the measures we take to protect both your personal and financial privacy.

About Our Privacy Policy

This Policy is provided to you by EZCORP, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including those operating under the trade names “EZPAWN” and “MetroPawn.” These subsidiaries are collectively referred to herein as the “EZCORP Companies” or “we,” “our,” or “us.” The information in this Policy applies to our current and former customers. This Policy replaces all previous Privacy Policies issued by EZCORP; provided, however, that it does not replace the privacy policy delivered to you during your pawn or purchase transaction within our stores.

Information We Collect

We collect personally identifiable information about you when you apply for and/or use our products or services and visit us in person, over the phone, through the mail, through email or through our website or social media pages. We collect information from the following sources:

  • Information from you on applications, pawn tickets, purchase tickets, sales transactions, layaway transactions, registration forms, surveys, and other business forms;
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, and others;
  • Information we receive from third parties, such as consumer reporting agencies;
  • Information we receive from marketing and consumer research firms; and
  • Information we receive from our website and social media pages regarding visitation and use, including information automatically collected through the use of cookies, web beacons, and other technologies.

Information We Share

We share information we collect within the EZCORP Companies. We may use this information to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you or to otherwise better your experience with us. We also may share the information we collect with unaffiliated companies that provide support services to us, such as marketing companies, advertisers, mobile marketing providers, companies providing industry and internet research, printers, payment processors, payroll service providers, email providers, web hosting providers, credit and debit card providers, lenders, credit providers, and financial institutions.

We may disclose information we collect if we determine in our sole discretion that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, including disclosure to law enforcement agencies and other government agencies and disclosure responsive to subpoenas. We also may disclosure information we collect if we deem it necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of the EZCORP Companies, our customers or others.

Your Right to Limit Sharing

The EZCORP Companies share information within the EZCORP Companies and to non-affiliates companies to provide support services to us, as permitted under joint marketing agreements and as otherwise permitted by law. We may share information about your transactions or experiences within the EZCORP Companies. For these purposes, you cannot limit sharing. However, in some circumstances, federal law gives you the right to limit use of your personally identifiable information. You may limit sharing of your personally identifiable information within the EZCORP Companies and with non-affiliated companies for marketing purposes. You may opt out of this sharing, as described in Opting Out of Sharing. Please be aware that even if you opt out, the EZCORP Companies may share information as permitted by law and as described in this Policy.

Opting Out of Sharing

In order to limit sharing of your personally identifiable information as described in this Policy, you may opt out by calling us toll free at (855) 241-1261 or emailing us at compliance@ezcorp.com with your first name, last name, and mailing address.

How We Use Your Information

Examples of how we use the information we collect include:

  • Providing you with enhanced products and services;
  • Offering you additional products and services from us or from third parties;
  • Responding to requests for information about our products and services;
  • Optimizing your experience in our stores and on our website and social media pages;
  • Allowing you to use our website and social media pages to find stores, products, and promotions;
  • Conducting research and analysis on our customers, transactions, and operations;
  • Monitoring compliance with applicable laws;
  • Assisting law enforcement and regulatory agencies; and
  • Performing other business activities as needed.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We restrict access to non-public personally identifiable information about you to our employees and agents who need to know the information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural protections that comply with federal and state laws to safeguard your personal information. Because we recognize the importance of privacy where children are involved, we do not knowingly collect information from children.

Web Links

We are not responsible for the collection, use or security of information by companies or organizations outside of the EZCORP Companies that may be linked to our websites. You are encouraged to read the privacy policies of websites reached through the use of links from EZCORP websites.

Contacting You

You understand and agree that we may contact you at the phone numbers or email addresses you provide to us during your transactions in our stores, on our website, and on our social media pages.

Our Right to Revise This Policy

EZCORP reserves the right to revise this Policy at any time by providing you a copy of the revised Policy or by notifying you of the existence and location of a revised Policy available to you.

Thank you for your business and the trust you place in EZCORP.

Effective May 2016.